Orange Amp Field Guide: AD140 Twin Channel

AD140 Twin Channel

Year: 2001
Model:AD140 Twin Channel
Model Number:AD140TC
Control Panel Layout:Power - Standby - Pilot light - 2 x Master - 2 x Treble - 2 x Middle - 2 x Bass - 2 x Gain - Inputs
Rear Panel Layout:3 Speaker outputs(8/8/16 Ohms) - Slave Output - ??? -H.T. fuse holder - Euro mains plug with fuse holder
Cabinet:55 x 24 x24 cm
Speakers/Load:8/8/16 Ohms
Speaker model:N/A
Output:??? Watts
Preamp tubes:4 x 12AX7
Power tubes:4 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:Cathodyne type: 1/2 x 12ax7 ???
Circuit:certain type of schematic?(link to schematic?)
Chassis layout:custom shop hand-wired
Comments:Two channel version with what looks like a complex pcb...