Orange Amp Field Guide: AD5 Class A


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Year:2001 (picture appears to be a 2003 model)
Model:AD5 Combo
Model Number:AD5
Control Panel Layout:Input - Volume - Tone -Pilot Light - On/Standby/Off switch
Rear Panel Layout:One speaker plug and mains plug
Cabinet:35.5 cm (wide) x 31 cm (Tall, plus 2 cm feet) x 22 cm (deep)
Weight:10.4 kg
Speakers/Load:1 x P10R - 16 Ohms, (In the 2003 model)
Speaker model:10" Jensen Alnico
Output:5 Watts
Preamp tubes:1 x ECC83
Power tubes:1 x EL84
Rectifier:Solid State
Phase Inverter:Single Ended Amp!!! (the only real Class A Orange amp? :-)
Chassis layout:hand wired? The 2003 model has a PCB, approx 75 of these were made, and approx 150 of the earlier hand wired models was made.
Comments:chassis pictures and data thanks to Bruce Cobby