Orange Amp Field Guide: GRO100 HEAD


Close up pictures of GRO100 no449
Kindly donated by Markus Praemassing

Year: older than 1972 ??
Model Number:GRO100
Serial Number:449
Control Panel:Plexi panel
Control Panel Layout:Input - F.A.C. - Bass - Treble - H.F.Boost - Gain - Reverb Send - Reverb Return - Pilot Light - Power
Rear Panel Layout:Mains chord - Voltage selector - 2 fuse holders - Slave output - Impedance selector - 2 speakers outs
Speakers/Load:3.75/7.5/15 Ohm or 100V line
Speaker model:N/A
Output:100 Watts
Preamp tubes:1.5 x 12AX7 ???
Power tubes:4 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:Cathodyne type: 1/2 x 12ax7
Circuit:'72 type schematic???
Chassis layout:preamp tubes are chassis mounted!
Comments:This amp has older impedance values.
Preamp tubes are chassis mounted.
Background of Orange logo is black.
The output transformer was replaced.
face plate has probably been overheated(crackled paint)