Orange Amp Field Guide: HUSTLER 120 HEAD Vintage

125 "HUSTLER" Head

Year: <1976
Model:"HUSTLER" 125
Model Number:125
Config:Head with front controls
Control Panel Layout:CH1: Inputs 1 and 2/vol/treble/bass, Ch2: Inputs 1 and 2/vol/treble/middle/bass, Reverb Depth, Tremelo Speed, Tremelo depth, Master volume, Pilot Light
Rear Panel Layout:Voltage selector, power switch, standby switch, primary fuse, high tension fuse, 2 speaker outputs, slave output, footswitch input, reverb return, reverb drive
Speakers/Load: Ohms
Speaker model:N/A
Effects:Reverb and Tremolo on second channel
Output:120 Watts
Preamp tubes:5 x ECC83 (+ extra ECC82 for PI)
Power tubes:4 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state 6 x BA127 diodes
Phase Inverter:Long Tail PI (ECC82)
Circuit:MKIII 125W Schematic, drawn by Patrick Maillot (France)
Comments: First Orange twin channel amp?
First Orange amp with built-in reverb and tremolo?
First Orange amp with long-tail phase inverter?