Orange Amp Field Guide: HUSTLER 80 COMBO Vintage


Pictures of an Hustler 1x12 prototype from Matamp with certificate!
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Year: ???
Model:HUSTLER 80
Model Number:???
Config:COMBO with front controls
Control Panel Layout:Power - Standby - Master - Contour - Presence - Treble - Bass - Volume - Bright input - Normal input
Rear Panel Layout:2 Speaker outputs - Impedance selector - Type :"Hustler" - Preamp/Slave output - Fuses - Mains selector - Mains input
Speakers/Load:Impedance selector present
Speaker model:Rola-Celestion G12-100 (16 Ohms)
Output:50 Watts
Preamp tubes:1.5 x 2AX7
Power tubes:2 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias???
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:1/2 12AX7
Circuit:certain type of schematic?(link to schematic?)
Chassis layout:certain type of layout (pcb number/hand-wired?)
Comments:According to the certificate only two prototypes were made by Matamp.
The contour control might indicate that the schematic is closer to a Matamp schematic than to other Oranges.