Orange Amp Field Guide: OR120 HEAD pics-only

OR120 HEAD pics-only

Pics-only OR120 with added standby and Master Volume(instead of Slave Out)
Modded and owned by Amperex

Pics-only OR120 with pcb mounted preamp tubes
Kindly donated by Brian Schick

Year: about '72-'74
Model Number:OR120
Control Panel:
Control Panel Layout:Input - F.A.C. - Bass - Treble - H.F.Boost - Gain - Reverb Send - Reverb Return - Pilot Light - Power
Rear Panel Layout:Mains chord - Voltage selector - 2 fuse holders - Slave output - Impedance selector - 2 speakers outs
Speakers/Load:4/8/16 Ohms
Speaker model:N/A
Output:120 Watts
Preamp tubes:1.5 x 12AX7
Power tubes:4 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:Cathodyne type: 1/2 x 12ax7
Circuit:'72 schematic with "complicated" PI and coil in boost circuit
Chassis layout:Preamp tubes mounted on PCB?