Orange Amp Field Guide: Orange 200 S/N OR321

OR200 Head With Orange Logo

It's pretty rare to see an OR200 that isn't an Orange/Matamp. This must have been built just as the Orange/Matamp partnership (Cooper/Mathias LTD.) was dissolving.

Year: 1970??
Model Number:OR200
Serial Number:??
Control Panel:Plexi panel
Control Panel Layout:Inputs - Depth - Drive - Bass - Treble - Boost - Volume - Reverb Send - Reverb Return - Pilot Light - Power switch
Rear Panel Layout:Mains plug - Voltage selector - 2 fuse holders - Presence Control - Slave Output - Impedance selector - 2 speakers outputs
Speakers/Load:3.75/7.5/15 Ohm or 100V line
Speaker model:N/A
Output:200 Watts
Preamp tubes:1.5 x 12AX7 ???
Power tubes:4 x KT88
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:Cathodyne type: 1/2 x 12ax7
Chassis layout:
Comments:Pics compliments of RocknGroll