Orange Amp Field Guide: OR80R Reverb Combo Vintage

OR80R Combo Vintage

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Pics and info kindly donated by Gregory Earl.

Year: 1976 or later
Model:OR80 Reverb Combo Vintage
Model Number:OR80R
Serial Numbers:Chassis: 13839
Cabinet: 62089
Control Panel Layout:Input - F.A.C. - Bass - Treble - H.F.Drive - Gain - Echo Pot - Echo footswitch jack - Pilot Light - Power
Rear Panel Layout:mains chord - Mains selector - 2 Fuse holders - Slave Output - impedance selector - 2 Speaker Outputs (same impedance?)
Speaker model:25W Celestion Greenbacks /30w Celestion Greenbacks ("Orange" label)
Effects:Reverb tank on bottom of cabinet, electronics embedded in chassis
Output:80 Watts
Preamp tubes:3.5 x 12AT7 (ECC81)
I think originally it must have been two ECC83s and two ECC81s...
Power tubes:2 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:Cathodyne type: 1/2 x 12ax7
Circuit:This is probably a merge of an OR80 with the Orange reverb schematic that normally has a separate housing.
Chassis layout:The two remaining power tube sockets are used two put 9 pins tubes, so there are four sockets in total for preamp and reverb drive and recovery tubes.
Comments:The Overdrive Reverb amp has a serial no close to the one of this amp. The Overdrive range started from approx. 1976.