Orange Amp Field Guide: Reverb Master combo

Reverb Master

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Some more detailed pictures, thanks to Jerry Haussler!

Year: Late 1970's (16334 = 1979)
Model:Reverb Master
Model Number:OR115MR
Control Panel Layout:Input - Volume - Bass - Treble - Contour - Reverb - Master Volume - Standby Switch - Power Switch
Rear Panel Layout:Mains chord(fixed or detachable???) - Mains switch - 2 Fuse holders - Slave Output ??? - Impedance switch - 2 Speaker outputs (to be confirmed)
Speaker model:Greenbacks
Effects:Reverb using only a single tube?
Output:80 Watts
Preamp tubes:3 x 12AX7?
Power tubes:2 x EL34
Bias:Fixed bias
Rectifier:solid state
Phase Inverter:1/2 x 12AX7 Cathodyne
Chassis layout:
Comments:Last amps that were produced before Orange shut down temporarily... Differences from older Overdrives: standby switch, power switch and standby switch look a bit different, fine font used on frontpanel, different handles