The Unofficial Orange Pics and Text Page

70s vs 90s Pics and Text Amps

Front and back view of '70s "pics and text" OR120.

How to tell the two eras apart

Graphic by Billy Claire

There are two eras of the Pics and Text amps. The first was made by Orange Musical Industries (OMI) in the mid 1970s. The later was the 90's "reissue" amps made by OMEC, the Orange Musical Equipment Company during Orange's partnership with Gibson.

The reissue Pics and Text amps ceased production as of mid-2002


Tubes: 2 * ECC83, 2 or 4 * EL34
Controls: FAC(mid range tone control by 6 pos switch) - Bass - Treble - H.F Drive(presence) - Gain
Inputs: Bright, Normal
Outputs: 4/8/16 Ohms by Selector switch, Slave Out (kind of line out)
Features: FX loop, NO Standby switch on 70's models
Differences between versions: power plug, serial no, address of Orange company, faceplates,...


Schematically, there is almost no difference between the 70's Pics and Text amps and the 90's reissue amps. The '74 and post '74 schematics are the closest reference points.
'74 schematic
post '74 schematic