The Orange Amp Field Guide Introduction

The Orange Amp Field Guide

This site was intended to be a collection of any Orange info found around the web and donated by Orange owners.

26/01/2021Added the OR200 Slave head page with pictures from Billy Claire. We have an Instagram page now. @orangefieldguide. Be sure to check there for random pictures from the archive that may or may not have appeared on this site.
24/09/2020Updated the OR100 head page with better/larger pictures. Updated the Graphic Series page to eliminate some dead links. Updated the Pics And Text page to include the graphic from Billy Claire that shows the differences between the 70s Pics and Text faceplates and the 90's reissue Pics and Text faceplates. Updated the OR200 page to consolidate that and the old OR321 page, since that is really an OR200 that only has Orange on the faceplate (no Matamp).
12/09/2020Multiple updates and changes throughout the site. General housekeeping and wipeout of dead links.
10/04/2014Added a power supply mod that will tame unnecessarily high secondary voltages in vintage and reissue OR80/120 amps in the Tech & Mods section.
10/04/2014Added the Factory Schematic for the Overdrive Series 2 and Hustler OR135 in the Tech & Mods section.
02/01/2014Put some lipstick on the pig. I've tried to make the site a little more attractive.
06/08/2012Added info and pics page about a rare OR200 with only the Orange logo on the faceplate. OR321
28/06/2012Added a note to the Tech & Mods page warning of the incorrectly drawn rectifier section of the Post '74 Graphic OR120 schematic
25/03/2012Added the 1978s Hustler Reverb Combo Page
23/02/2012Added the 1990s Hustler Combo Schematic to the Tech & Mods Page
20/02/2012Added the 1979 Super Bass Schematic to the Tech & Mods Page
01/02/2012Added the OR145 BASS COMBO.
31/01/2012Changed the About This Site page.
05/10/2010Added AD30TC schematic + test issue pdf
(test issue contains change notes for some other types too)
27/05/2008Changed Series 2 combo into Reverb Master, pictures thanks to Jerry Haussler
30/01/2008Added AD5 pictures and info, thanks to Bruce Cobby
30/01/2008Added Slave 120 pictures, thanks to Dirk K.
20/01/2008Added Rockerverb 50 schematics, shared by Sooner&Joseph Hargreaves
13/03/2007Orange Reverb Unit pics (solid state)
04/03/2007Orange Matamp ST pictures, thanks to Andreas (Zurich)
04/03/2007AD50 Custom: corrected info, thanks to Chris Harvey
04/03/2007AD50 Retro: corrected info and added user manual, thanks to Chris Harvey
27/02/2005Dating info for pics and text amps!!!
updates on AD5, AD140B, AD200B, O120 SeriesII, Super Bass, OR135,...
17/12/2004OFG was offline a few days, but now back with a new URL!
21/09/2004Added AD30 (+AD30R) schematic, shared by Joseph Hargreaves
18/05/2004Added AD140TC schematic, shared by Joel(Spoonie G) and Sooner
17/05/2004Added Reverb Unit (solid state), schematic drawn by Ben Hickmott
05/05/2004Added AD15 schematic shared by R. Dennerline and Sooner
05/04/2004Added three GRO schematics from Ben Hickmott

Matamp and Orange...

Since there is not too many info to be found on Orange amplifiers around the www (not even on the official Orange website!), I decided to put a site together myself.
I am not an amp tech or a collector, I was just curious about these orange things... I would like to thank anyone who already has supplied me with info. Orange data, schematics and pictures are always welcome.

The Orange website is nice, but it does not contain info on discontinued (vintage) models and it hasn't been updated too much.
The Official Orange page (said to be updated soon...)

As most of you will probably know Matamp and Orange are closely related. The Matamp sites also have some historical info on the Matamp/Orange era. Therefore I would like to point you out to the official Matamp websites.
Matamp UK Matamp US Greenamps Blackamps (***NEW!***)

Orange models

The Orange range has evolved from the oldest 4xEL34 non-master volume amps (described as Graphic amps) to the current range that has types from a 1xEL84 amp that puts out 5 Watts to a 200 Watts Bass amp with 4x6550 tubes.
I have tried to put them in the Orange Amp Field Guide, with some technical data and some pics for each model.

First there were the so called Graphic Amps. They got this name because the first models had only images and no text to describe the knob functions. They were the first Oranges to come out in the late 60s and early 70s.
In 1976 the Overdrive Amps were introduced. They were Graphic amps equipped with a Master Volume. There were no other major differences.
Some time later on (???) there was an update to the Overdrive Series II. Most of the models (all?) until this time were available as head or combo.

The Orange factory had a temporary closedown (some time around the disco era ? ;-) ). But production was restarted in the early 90s. The Graphics were fitted with Standby switches and a few new models were developed. Although new... The "new" OTR series (since half 90s) are said to be Overdrives with only some small changes. (If anyone has ever compared them, please let me know whether it's true or not.)
In November '98 the "Class A" combo's were launched. However they are most likely not really Class A in the electrical meaning of the word since they are push-pull amps. This range of amps consists of brand new 2xEL84 and 4xEL84 amps that are considered to be worth their money (and they're not exactly cheap). The AD5 (April 2000) is probably the only real "Class A" amp.
For info on Class A amplification check here and here at
New in January 2001 were two twin channel amps: the AD30TC combo and AD140TC head. Somewhat more exclusive is the custom AD140 Lead that features point-to-point wiring. At that Orange also introduced the Orange Crush series. This is a solid state budget amp range.